CPZ devblog 001

It all starts with a story. A spaceship. Scrappy crew. Fearless captain.

Aaaaand… Hm… Come to think of it let’s make the story more like the sh*tshow permanent dark-mode the pandemic years have put us all in.

Junkyard-bound spaceship. Crew with a shady past. Captain with a chip or two on his shoulder. A universe following a more realistic future based on current level of humanity. Corporations stronger than states, with fleets and vested interest in ever-expanding growth. Conflicts everywhere. Universe riddled with factions, no United Federation of Planets bs.

Just a big f-ing wild west cosmos, a free for all – grab as much as you can – or die trying. You’re a freelance smuggler/trader just trying to make a buck and survive the mess out there.

And a name. A pulp novel in parts, this being the first of the two-bucks paperback saga.

Covenant: Project Zero

Ah… That’s more like it. Sold. Let’s go.