CPZ devblog 004

Where the first prototype is revealed

Clickety clickety click, some more pixel art stuff, a few lines of code and voila – we got a little walkthrough going on. This early prototype was roughed out in Godot engine (although we’ll be moving to Unity 3D soon), and it’s a run of just the main deck and movement animation check.

We made a super early prototype video, too. It’s really that first “it’s alive” moment, so although we’ll be making this from scratch soon, good to see what’s possible. Now, there’s a whole other level (L1) below the main deck, with three access points, but it’s WIP.

Also, there’s some kind of a stutter on movement… I wonder if it’s just a debug window issue or something I’m gonna deal with once I publish the game for a platform (it’s supposed to be a mobile game, btw.)

Oh well… There’s my homework for the next blog