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DENT Studios – Make a DENT!

As of today, when you see DENT Studios original work chance is it will have our new ident on it. We worked very hard on finding the right audiovisual story that would fully reflect both our impactful work that stays with the viewership, and the motto that is the core of our creative approach – Make a DENT!

DENT Studios – “Make a DENT!”

Executive Creative Director: Aleksandar “Sasha” Djordjevic
Production Manager: Kristen Hollinsworth
CG Artist: Siniša Čulić
Lead Compositor: Dejan Šolajić
Mograph Design: Daisy Keehnen
Music & SFX: Igor Đorđević

Digital Art Episodic News Trailer

Netflix – Dance Monsters

We are so unbelievably proud to share this announcement from Netflix of one of the biggest shows we worked on this year – Dance Monsters Season 1! We oversaw over 600 shots on this upcoming Netflix show that is bound to be the talk of this winter!

Dance Monsters will unleash on Dec. 16, and it’s not like any dance competition show you’ve ever seen. In the upcoming feel-good series, contestants are disguised as CGI avatars and must bring their best moves in order to win $250,000. Can these freaky creatures trade in their scare for a score high enough to take home the cash prize? It’s all up to the judges.


Head over to Netflix and check the announcement!

Digital Art

Rona Funk

Created by Dent Studios

Advertising Digital Art

EURO-VISION honored on Webby Awards 2020

The awesome EURO-VISION spot we collaborated on as part of an amazing team of international artist gathered together by Vico Sharabani, our friend, owner and Creative Chief of the The-Artery New York, is an honoree in Video: Animation category at this years The Webby Awards !!!

All the authors of individual segments were invited to represent their countries of origin in the famous Eurovision Song competition, so our Chief Creative Aleksandar Djordjevic played with an idea of honoring architectural and cultural heritage of his ancestral homeland of Serbia.

His vision was to juxtapose the post-modern brutalist monument architecture of post-WW2 socialist society, with the traditional and very unique mountain villages, and weave it all together under one of the most present symbols often seen on ancient Serbian “Pirot kilim”-style rugs – the turtle (“Корњача” – in Serbian.).

We are overjoyed and a little mind-blown with the nod, it was such an honor to collaborate as artists and make a piece of this puzzle with this great group of artists!!!

Follow this link to see the spot!