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Panasonic – Green Impact w/ Naomi Osaka

Panasonic – Green Impact w/ Naomi Osaka
Directed by: Bowe King
VFX Supervisor: Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic
VFX by Dent Studios
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Morrisons – Farmer Christmas

Directed by David Todaro
On-set VFX Supervisor – Aleksandar Djordjevic / DENT Studios
VFX & finishing by our friends at The Mill

Digital Art Episodic News Trailer

Netflix – Dance Monsters

We are so unbelievably proud to share this announcement from Netflix of one of the biggest shows we worked on this year – Dance Monsters Season 1! We oversaw over 600 shots on this upcoming Netflix show that is bound to be the talk of this winter!

Dance Monsters will unleash on Dec. 16, and it’s not like any dance competition show you’ve ever seen. In the upcoming feel-good series, contestants are disguised as CGI avatars and must bring their best moves in order to win $250,000. Can these freaky creatures trade in their scare for a score high enough to take home the cash prize? It’s all up to the judges.


Head over to Netflix and check the announcement!

Episodic News Trailer

Netflix – Our Universe

We are excited to share the trailer for “Our Universe”, a Netflix episodic show we worked on this year. The show premieres on November 22nd, 2022.

Narrated by Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman, it’s an epic tale 13.8 billion years in the making. Blending stunning wildlife footage with eye-popping cosmic special effects, this six-part series takes viewers on a fascinating adventure to explore the connections that drive our natural world. From the birth of the Sun to the birth of a sea turtle, Our Universe uses groundbreaking animation to dramatize the spectacular celestial forces that generated our solar system, while modern camera and CGI technology bring the audience up close and personal with some of the most iconic, charismatic animals on Earth.


Check out the trailer on the link below:


Business expansion

As we are putting more resources into the game development at DENT Studios, and to add to our portfolio – we have acquired all assets from Aleksandar Djordjevic’s original company in USA – Schism Worldwide LLC.

This includes the entire code base for several games that may be added to our portfolio over the next few years.

Dent Studios B.V. is also now the legal successor and acts a legal party in all contracts Schism Worldwide LLC was a party of.

All the Schism Worldwide LLC online websites are now defunct and point here, and all their online stores are owned by Dent Studios B.V.

Stay tuned for game releases from DENT Studios!